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Birkmire Trucking Company began in 1947 when Thomas J. Birkmire began hauling coal from the local coal yard to customers’ houses in his pickup truck. He differentiated his business by offering trucking services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. His dedication to his customers and to superior service enabled him to quickly become the prime carrier for many of Erie’s manufacturing companies. Today, with more than 30 power units and over 1,000 rental units, Birkmire Trucking is able to accommodate a wide range of needs for both commercial and residential customers.

The business continued to expand and grew to include more Birkmire family members, including several of Birkmire’s sons, who joined the team as drivers and mechanics, and his wife, who served as bookkeeper and dispatcher. By the early 80s, the business had grown from a single pickup truck to 12 tractors and thirty trailers. In order to meet the diverse needs of a growing list of customers, Birkmire added more product lines to his business, and expanded from flatbeds to vans and refrigerated trailers, and later into the rental industry.

Still family owned and operated, the company has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to ensure customers receive superior service in a demanding industry. It isn’t satisfied with being as good as the competition, and continually strives to improve and meet the changing needs of the industries it serves.

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Birkmire Trucking Company

7400 Birkmire Drive
Fairview, PA 16415


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