Trucking and Freight Transportation Solutions

Birkmire provides transportation services to make your move easier. When it’s time to move to your new location, our professional, experienced drivers will transport your Big Box storage units safely and efficiently. We have more than 30 moving trucks that can ship your goods to any destination. If you’re relocating from the Erie, PA area, our “Erie to Anywhere” service is just what you’re looking for. For more than 70 years, we’ve been transporting goods of any size, including fragile and high-value items, ensuring they arrive on time.

Birkmire has been helping companies safely and efficiently transport goods of all sizes to destinations throughout the United States with our coast to coast delivery. We handle everything from steel and building materials to construction machinery and industrial equipment. As a registered ICC & PUC for-hire common carrier, and apportioned throughout the 48 states for long haul and/or short haul, you can expect your items to be shipped securely in a timely manner.

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