Rent Commercial Storage Units in Erie, PA from Birkmire Trucking


Here at Birkmire we have a legacy dating back to 1947 providing sought-after storage and transportation solution services. One of our services includes a variety of ground level and field office solutions. We understand that sometimes work or construction forces you to be displaced from your normal workspace. Having an area that is heated and air conditioned to your needs is vital for optimal workflow. Our offices come pre-designed to meet all your workspace needs, however we understand that your demands may not completely fit with our Birkmire standard. That is why we offer customization of our units. Working with our team of rentals specialists is easy and hassle free, making the stress of working on the road diminish.

Weatherproof Ground Level Storage Units


Our 20’ ground level Commercial Storage Units in Erie, PA come with one 8’ by 20’ office designed for one individual and is perfect for construction needs. With our 28’ office solution, we offer three different layouts. For our first layout, we offer an 8’ by 6’ office with 8’ by 22’ worth of storage. Next, we offer an 8’ by 8’ office with an 8’ by 20’ space for storage. We also offer an 8’ by 8’ office with heated rear storage. Lastly, we offer a 40’ ground level office that comes equipped with an 8’ by 12’ office with 8’ by 28’ worth of storage. All these units can be customized.

Ease of Customization


Our ground level Commercial Storage Units in Erie, PA are customizable and will work for your specific needs. We understand that your business needs are unique, which calls for unique options tailored for your design needs. If you see that our office solutions are the right size for you but do not suit your specific needs, feel free to reach out to discuss your needs. At Birkmire, our ownership structure allows us to put customer service first. This customer-centric business model leads us to work hard to accommodate any customizations our renter’s request. While most companies opt for our standard temporary office layout, do not hesitate to contact us about your customization needs.

Large Field Offices for Construction Sites and Other Temporary Uses


Does your next construction or mobile job require a spacious and comfortable mobile office solution? Birkmire has exactly what you need. With heated and air-conditioned mobile offices ranging from 30’-36’ our solutions are flexibly sized and ideal for your on-site comfort. This ability to control the temperature makes our solutions ideal for your next air-conditioned mobile office or heated mobile office depending on the season when you are ordering.

The starting size is a 30’ Field Office Trailer, which includes an 8’ x 8’ office and a larger 18’ x 8’ office. Then, our larger 36’ Field Office Trailer includes a layout that features both an 8’ x 10’ office and a spacious 8’ x 22’ office.

Birkmire mobile offices are not only roomy, but also equipped with modern amenities such as lighting, electrical outlets, data and phone jacks, and other useful technology. This means you can have multiple offices on your job sites or an office with storage space that is heated, air conditioned, and loaded with the technology for your business to thrive.

Field office solutions require block and leveling fees in addition to steps. Our customers have the option to use their own or rent our OSHA approved steps that can be ordered with your field office of choice.

Regardless of the size of the mobile office you choose, you can customize the interior to meet your unique needs and preferences. Whether you choose to customize or opt for one of our popular layout options, you will be able to maintain the same level of comfort you enjoy at headquarters wherever your construction and work takes you.

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