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Birkmire Big Box Rentals has decades of experience serving the needs of commercial customers for all your equipment and property storage needs. We have a variety of storage containers ranging from 20’-40’ for you to choose from to suit your storage needs. These containers can be purchased or rented as needed. Included below is a contact submission form that we encourage all our customers to fill out so we can begin the process of inquiring and placing your Big Box storage container order.

Big Box Storage Containers


Our rentals department team will help you determine which storage solution will best suit your specific needs. With job site storage containers ranging in size from 20’-40’, you should easily be able to find the right option that can be tailored to you. Standard options include a 20’ storage container that is 8’ wide, 20’ deep, and 7.5’ tall. This option is equipped with a swing door and can typically hold smaller construction equipment and materials. Should the 20’ option be a little small for your needs, our next size up is a 28’ ground level storage container. This option is 8’ wide, 28’ deep, and 7.5’ tall. Coming with a roll up door, this option is a great solution for people looking for more space to store bulkier items. Finally, we have a spacious 40’ option that is 8’ wide, 40’ deep and 7.5’ tall. These are great for job sites that need to store their heavy equipment and documents in a secure location. This option also comes with swing doors on both ends for easy access to all your stored items.

Rent or Buy Weatherproof Job Site Storage Containers with Birkmire Big Box Rentals


Rain, wind, snow, and other naturally occurring elements are a fact of life. It is hard to find a good place to store equipment, materials, documents and other items that can easily deteriorate when left exposed to the elements. Choosing the right option can be very stressful, however, when you choose Birkmire for your storage solutions, you are selecting a company dedicated to servicing whatever your needs may be. Purchasing or renting our units comes with ease as our rentals department is highly trained to work with whatever your requests are. These units are also able to be moved to wherever you find yourself needing storage the most. You can also have peace of mind knowing that all your valuables are protected in any type of weather that might come your way.

Customizable Storage options


Many of our customers can find exactly what they are looking for with our standard options, however, if you think that your jobsite storage container needs require something more, we offer customizable solutions that can suit your unique situation. We take your inquiry into consideration and will do what we can to customize our unit to fit you. After you look at our standard options and see something that could work, simply contact us to see how we can help you.

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Need a reliable company for your specific job site storage container needs? Birkmire Big Box Rentals is ready and willing to provide you with our expertise on standard or even customized storage containers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to request a quote or inquire about our services. Our rentals specialists can help you with renting or purchasing ground level storage containers that can securely store your property wherever work, or life takes you. If you want a quality jobsite storage container solution, contact Birkmire Big Box rentals today!

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