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Tammy Birkmire / January 20, 2024

Find Storage Facilities Erie, PA at Birkmire

We have you covered if you are looking for an easy-to-access storage facility in the Erie, PA area. At Birkmire we have been providing moving and storage solutions since 1947 and continue to maintain pristine facilities throughout Erie County. We offer a range of storage unit sizes and multiple ways to get your belongings to one of our warehouses. After learning more about our solutions, you can contact us online or by phone to rent your storage unit. Birkmire has stood out for decades for providing secure and easy to access storage facilities Erie, PA and we look forward to having you rent a unit from us.

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Select Either Dropoff Mobile Storage or Traditional Self Storage

You might be preparing to remodel your home or have more belongings than you can fit in your apartment, home, or garage. If you think it would be challenging to transport all the belongings you plan to store to our facility, we have a convenient solution for you. With dropoff mobile storage, we can bring your storage unit to you. Once you load up the unit, we will then truck it back to our facility and set it away for secure storage.

If you think this convenient option is more than you need, we recommend renting one of our traditional self storage units. These units can be accessed easily by driving over to our Fairview, PA warehouse to place belongings in, take belongings out, or swap items when the seasons change.


Choose a Storage Unit Based on the Size and Style Your Belongings Need

We understand that storage needs can vary widely depending on the amount of belongings you need to store, the length of time you need to store them, and how often you might need to access what you put away. This is why we offer three unit sizes for traditional self-storage. These units are sized:

  • 8’ x 10’
  • 8’ x 20’
  • 8’ x 40’


If you have experience storing belongings, you may already be familiar with your size needs. If not, you can contact Birkmire to talk to a member of our team. With an understanding of what you are planning to store, we can safely recommend the storage unit size that is best suited to accommodating your belongings.


Maintain 24 Hour Access to Your Belongings While in Storage

Putting your stuff away at a Birkmire storage facility does not mean sacrificing convenient access to it. When you store belongings with us via our traditional self storage offering, you will be provided with 24/7 access to our facility and your unit. Even if you prefer our dropoff and pickup storage option, you will still be able to get to your stuff. While this style of storage does not afford 24/7 access, with a simple call to our team, you can schedule a time to get inside our facility to either add or remove items from your unit.

Adding to the convenience of renting a Birkmire storage unit is our location. We are the go-to company to work with for anyone looking for storage facilities Erie, PA in part because our Fairview, PA warehouse is so easy to get to. Whether you prefer our dropoff storage option or want to drive your belongings here to self-store them, accessing your unit will never be a challenge if you live in or around Erie.


Contact Us to Discuss Your Erie, PA Storage Needs and Get Helpful Recommendations

Do you want some assistance in choosing the right storage unit size and determining if a traditional self storage unit or a dropoff solution will be right for you? You can contact Birkmire by phone or through our website’s contact form to learn more. If you know what you need, we are ready to help you end your search for storage facilities Erie, PA and start renting from our trusted team. 

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