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Tammy Birkmire / April 26, 2024

Conex storage containers are shipping containers with a title that stems from a combination of the words, “container” and “express.” Initially, they were developed for military use sending cargo to the front lines, but the modern day sees these containers used for a wide range of applications that require suitable strength and reliable handling. Birkmire offers a range of Conex storage containers for rent, and we accept inquiries about purchasing Conex boxes too.


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Conex Basics

A Conex storage container is typically made from corten steel, which is a kind of high-quality corrugated steel. The standard lengths are either 20 feet or 40 feet like most other storage containers, though more uncommon sizes may be available as well. With the standard sizes, however, shipping solutions for these containers are particularly easy, as they are sturdy enough to handle shipment by road, rail, and sea. Conex boxes can even be watertight to keep water and other elements away from the items inside. While this is typically only necessary for boxes that will travel by sea, it can also be helpful when storing items that can be easily damaged by moisture.

Applications of Conex Storage Containers


Quality Conex storage containers can be used for a range of different applications beyond shipping goods overseas as they were initially created for. These containers are particularly adept at storing goods that are perishable or vulnerable to outside elements and moisture. Many businesses require these kinds of storage solutions, and Conex containers make it easy. Additionally, these containers are frequently used for the following:


  • Storage of equipment and tools
  • Temporary storage during house renovations or moving
  • Bulk document storage for businesses
  • Agricultural equipment storage
  • Temporary office space

Short Term and Long Term Solutions

Conex storage containers can be used for both short term and long term applications given their strength and durability. One of the most frequent uses is temporary storage for office supplies during periods in which the office is undergoing renovations or additional construction. These containers can be used to temporarily store office furniture and supplies. In other scenarios, however, a business may have a need for document storage. Physical paper documents are often legally required in some industries, and a Conex storage container can protect documents from moisture and the elements in the long term.

Dock Height Storage Solutions

Dock height storage boxes make transferring items simple, as all you have to do is back up the truck right to the box itself. At Birkmire, we offer convenient dock height Conex storage containers that you are free to access whenever you like. This is particularly useful for storing items that may need to be retrieved quickly, but all businesses can benefit from quick transportation.

Birkmire Container Varieties

At Birkmire, we offer a wide range of containers for storage that go far beyond Conex storage containers. While our range of Conex boxes is comprehensive, the sheer variety of containers for both commercial and residential purposes makes it easy to find a storage solution that works for your unique considerations. You will even find mobile storage unit rentals available that can be dropped off at the location of your choosing and picked up again once you fill it with the necessary items. Our team will then store it safely in our facility and bring it out to whichever destination you specify when you’re ready to retrieve your items.

Conex Storage Containers for Sale

Our Conex boxes are available for rent, but you are also free to inquire about making purchases. Businesses that have rotating job sites especially benefit from having their own storage containers available. Our protective storage containers for sale can keep equipment, materials, and documents safe no matter what the weather is like. Our team can work with you to find custom solutions for your unique needs and help you find containers to purchase that will serve you well for years to come. We can even customize purchasable units to fit unique design specifications within certain limits. Simply reach out to our team and let us know what exactly you need the container for.

Contact Birkmire to Rent or Buy Conex Storage Containers

Birkmire has the experience, service, and variety of containers necessary to offer high quality customized solutions to your unique storage needs whether you need solutions for your personal needs, your business, or anything else. Our specialists will work with you to find storage containers that meet your specifications and offer the solutions that work for your unique array of items that need to be safely stored. Contact us today to take the first step towards reliable storage solutions.


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