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Tammy Birkmire / November 20, 2023

Find Office Trailers for Rent Erie, PA at Birkmire Big Box Rentals

Birkmire Big Box Rentals offers a range of office trailers for rent Erie, PA that you can seamlessly order when needs arise. On this page you can learn about common uses for our climate controlled trailers and find out about the sizes we offer. If you know the size and style of trailer you need, contact us now so we can take your order and deliver your office trailer quickly.

Rent Office Trailers in Erie


Work Comfortably in a Mobile Office Trailer

Our office trailers are designed to provide customers with total comfort outside of a traditional office. Our trailers are heated and cooled and can serve as your mobile office on a job-site or as a temporary workplace while your office is being renovated. In addition to climate control, our office trailers come furnished. Our trailers come equipped with a desk, cabinets, drawing table, and plenty of space for storage. If you need to rent a mobile office that will arrive at your location ready for use, order from us today.


We Have Office Storage Containers Sized 20’ – 40’

Different sized businesses have different storage needs and we aim to serve as many Erie County customers as we can at Birkmire Big Box Rentals. This is why you will find office trailers for rent Erie, PA here in multiple sizes ranging from 20’ to 40’. You may have a minimal need and can rent one of our 20’ office storage trailers for temporary or long-term use. Alternatively, you can consider our office trailers that come in a larger size. Whether you need the maximum space immediately or prefer to have an office trailer that provides space for you to grow into, one of our 40’ storage units will be your most versatile option when it comes to storage volume. All sizes we offer are durable and weatherproof, so you can focus your attention on size rather than quality when choosing the right unit for your business.


Temporary Office Storage Solutions During Construction

Do you have office renovations taking place? How about renovations related to an insurance claim? Limit the impact on your operations by renting a temporary office storage trailer from Birkmire BIg Box Rentals. Our office trailers  are easy to order and can be delivered directly to your office location. They can allow you to affordably maintain the convenience of working from your current office location while it is temporarily inaccessible.


Order a Mobile Storage Trailer When Facility Space is Exceeded

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers found use for our trailers at medical sites when medical sites lacked or ran out of air conditioned and heated space or were being constructed in a temporary capacity. Given the flexibility of these ready-to-use office trailers, the scenarios where they can prove useful is endless. Our mobile office trailers are designed to keep your team comfortable when normal working conditions would otherwise be difficult to provide, and we make ordering the size and quantity you need simple.


Rent a Storage Trailer Today or Call To Discuss Your Potential Need

If you have determined the right size office trailer to rent or would like some advice before placing your order, you can contact us now. Birkmire Big Box Rentals serves businesses of all types in need of office trailers for rent Erie, PA, so we are confident that not only do we have the right solution for you but that we can help you choose it if necessary.

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