Storage Solutions for Moving Businesses: Commercial Storage Units & Containers

Tammy Birkmire / October 20, 2021

Relocating a business can be particularly difficult for a wide range of reasons and situations no matter if it might be; a pause in business, a new and expanded office location or even just moving items off-site for better storage and use of space. Fortunately, Birkmire Trucking offers a wide variety of storage solutions for moving businesses, including storage trailers and commercial storage containers for offices.

Our fully equipped warehouse facility and flexible commercial storage solutions are created with our customers and business partners in mind. Best of all, our storage solutions ensure you can store your items no matter how large or small while only paying for the space your business needs in one of our two centrally located warehouses in the Erie, PA area.

Struggles of Relocating a Business

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when relocating is knowing where to start. Whether you handle your business’s move on your own or choose to hire a moving company, there will be a transition period for you, your employees, and your customers.


While some of your items and business supplies are being transported to the new location or even placed in storage some employees may find it difficult to complete tasks during this transitional period, especially if their essential equipment is part of the relocation. Help ease their possible frustrations by letting them know what is happening and how your team can work together to make the transition easier.


If you decide to handle your own office relocation, be sure to keep in mind any potential circumstances that may arise. For example, you become responsible for the safety and security of your own equipment during the moving and storage process. A moving company that offers mobile storage solutions can help ease any fears you might have about getting your equipment and supplies from one place to another.


As you prepare to relocate your business, create a system for alerting your customers and the overall community about your move. By letting your clients know ahead of time you not only avoid any potential headaches and upset customers, but you can also use the opportunity to plan a grand opening celebration for your new location.

Commercial Storage Containers for Offices

Each office move is different and that’s why Birkmire offers a variety of solutions to fit your commercial storage needs. Our secure, weatherproof field offices and office storage units feature insulated, finished interiors, air conditioning, heat, electrical outlets, lighting, plan tables, and more. We also are equipped with over 115,000 square feet of heated storage space, meaning you won’t have to worry if your items will be subjected to weather conditions.

Field Offices

An office relocation or transition may require a temporary solution to house your operation. We offer mobile field offices in sizes ranging from 128 sq. ft. to 648 sq. ft. These units can be custom-built to suit your business needs and will meet or exceed your expectations with quality solutions that give you everything you need and more.

Storage Solutions

From the quoting process to final delivery, Birkmire strives to solve storage issues for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In addition to our mobile storage units, we offer dock height storage units which provide significant advantages to a wide range of industries. With these customers may easily back their box truck or tractor-trailer up to the unit and transfer their items from vehicle to storage unit. These dock height units are safe, secure, and easily accessible 24/7 and offer both long and short-term moving and storage solutions for your business.

Unfortunately, at Birkmire we can’t use our magic crystal ball to solve all the challenges that come with relocating your business. However, we can make the process as smooth as possible for you and your team.

That’s why our commercial storage and moving solutions were created and ensure an easy transition to your new office. Best of all, our storage facility is located near the I-90 corridor at exit 18 with dock height storage units the allow our customers to access their items in storage at any time in any type of vehicle, day or night.

Our heated and weatherproof warehousing solutions and storages options are not only conveniently located, but are also affordable, allowing businesses the flexibility they need in any changing times. Contact us today to help your business develop a plan for storing your business equipment and ease any worries you might have about the relocation process.

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