The Benefits of Big Box Storage: Mobile Storage Units

Tammy Birkmire / September 18, 2020

At some point or another, most people have considered additional storage for their possessions, whether during a move, spring cleaning, or just when you needed to make some extra space around the house. There are many benefits big box storage can provide you over traditional storage methods, including Birkmire’s convenient drop-off and pick up service, perfectly sized units, and the alternative options.

The Benefits of Big Box Storage | Big Box Storage vs. Traditional Storage Solutions

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for any homeowner. Nobody wants to bog down that excitement with countless trips to and from your traditional storage unit. Many traditional storage units are costly, located in undesirable places, and lacking the space to store your largest items. Some local storage units charge upwards of $100 a month for what appears to be little more than a broom closet.

What does Birkmire’s big box storage do to solve these issues? First, we understand that no one wants to deal with the back and forth of visiting your storage unit while loading or unloading. That is why we bring the unit to you. We will come to your location and drop off a big box that you can load at your leisure before we transport it back to our facility or to your new house or apartment. Need to retrieve a few things from your unit? Just give us a call and we can get you access within 72 hours.

Birkmire can also store your valuables for long term periods. Do you have some patio furniture that needs to be protected from the elements during the winter? Or perhaps you don’t have enough room for your motorcycle in the garage. Either way, Birkmire’s big-box units are stored in secure, heated warehouses. No matter how far the temperature drops, your items will be warm and protected from the elements. Many even save themselves money by storing their children’s dorm room essentials or furniture for off-campus housing in big boxes rather than renting a moving truck.

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Birkmire’s Big Box Unit Dimensions | Big Box Storage Size

So, how big are Birkmire’s self-storage big box units? Our big box units are 5’ x 8’ x 8’. This size is perfect for bikes, excess furniture, miscellaneous storage boxes, and more. While some traditional storage units are too small, others are never fully utilized given their 8’ x 20’ size. If you’re looking to save money on more space consider utilizing two of our big boxes in lieu of a traditional storage crate.

Remember, big box storage is designed to be a stress-free storage solution. We bring the unit to your home or desired location. You can load it at your own speed. Whenever it is ready to be stored or moved to your next location, give us a call and we will handle the transportation. When you’re ready to retrieve your belongings from your unit, we will drop it back off to your desired location.

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