Climate Controlled Storage for the Summer in Erie, PA.

Tammy Birkmire / August 30, 2021

Birkmire Trucking consistently strives to meet the dynamic and ever-changing needs of the industries we serve. In addition to trucking and transportation, Birkmire offers moving services that utilize residential and commercial storage units. One of the most common problems experienced by those moving or searching for seasonal storage is finding a solution that accommodates items sensitive to extreme temperatures or weather elements. Birkmire tackles this challenge head-on by offering our customers climate-controlled storage solutions and warehousing for residential use.

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What Do Climate-Controlled Storage Units Protect?

According to, the summer of 2021 in Erie, PA has been both warmer and rainier than usual. We are currently experiencing the hottest period of the year, which starts in June and runs through August. As an area experiencing extreme heat and humidity, Birkmire recommends temperature-controlled storage – especially for items you intend to store for a relatively long period of time.

While almost any item could benefit from climate-controlled storage due to the inevitable build-up of moisture, there are many items that truly need it. Chief among these items is furniture, particularly anything made from wood, metal, wicker, leather, or upholstery. Personal valuables such as artwork, photographs, vinyl records, musical instruments, and other collectibles should also be kept in climate-controlled storage to ensure their condition does not become damaged over time. To best determine whether an item requires temperature-controlled storage, ask yourself whether it is susceptible to mold, mildew, warping, cracking, or deterioration due to moisture. You can also contact one of our experts today to discuss whether climate-controlled storage is right for you.

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Climate Controlled Self-Storage for Erie Summers

Birkmire storage solutions, located in Erie, PA,  accommodates storage needs affordably and efficiently with Big Box storage units delivered directly to our customers’ homes. These mobile storage units are dropped off at your residence; you simply load them and Birkmire moves them to your new house or to our storage facility. We also offer personal warehousing as an alternative to storage rentals; these are most commonly used to house and store collectibles, inventory, or business supplies. Birkmire provides short and long-term storage solutions designed to protect your valuables from the weather and seasonal elements including heat, cold, moisture, rust, and corrosion. One of these solutions is our safe, temperature-controlled warehouse. Customers are able to access their items at any time with 72 hours’ notice by a simple phone call.

Birkmire Offers Temperature Controlled Warehouses & Personal Storage Solutions in Erie, PA

Whether for residential or commercial use, Birkmire Trucking can help you find the perfect temperature-controlled storage solution for your items. Standard storage units may be susceptible to weather conditions such as heat and humidity, although they remain useful for items you may keep in a garage or shed. For something that would typically be kept in your home, Birkmire recommends temperature-controlled storage. Our climate-controlled storage solutions located in Erie, PA, are designed to keep your valuables protected and preserved from the effects of seasonal elements. Our self-storage and warehousing options offer convenient access to those items whenever they are needed.

For more information about our temperature-controlled storage options, contact us today.

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