Refrigerated Trailers for Rent in Erie, PA: Top 5 Uses for Portable Refrigerated Storage Units

Tammy Birkmire / June 24, 2021
Portable refrigerated storage parked at an outdoor location.

Refrigerator storage units are changing the game for both temporary and long term temperature-controlled storage of perishable items such as food, medications, floral arrangements, temperature sensitive equipment, and much more. Birkmire’s portable refrigerated trailers provide temperature controlled storage for a variety of applications and can be used anywhere, anytime for outdoor events, weddings, commercially, or for extra storage at home or in case of an emergency such as a power outage or flood. They are the cost-effective, energy efficient solution to storing perishable items when extra storage is required. Birkmire’s refrigerated storage and freezer units are small, portable, quiet, and operate using a regular power outlet. 


These refrigerated and freezer storage units are available for rent, lease, or purchase and are easily accessible with Birkmire’s convenient pickup and drop off service. Portable refrigerated storage units provide cooling solutions for numerous purposes; let’s explore the five most common uses for temperature controlled storage.


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1. Refrigerated Trailers for Rent for Outdoor Events


Refrigerated trailers are quickly becoming a favorite solution for cold storage for both indoor and outdoor events. Birkmire’s portable coolers are ideal for outdoor events where additional storage may be needed, particularly for storing excess food for large groups in locations where traditional kitchen systems are not available, such as festivals, fairs, live concerts, graduations, sporting events, and more. 


These refrigerated and freezer storage units keep food at a safe temperature in any kind of weather and offer convenient features like shelving and wheels; they also plug into a basic electrical outlet, so they can be used virtually anywhere. Birkmire’s pickup and drop off service makes renting a unit for personal use simple and efficient. These coolers are also ideal for professional caterers who need to keep food fresh both in transit and on site for the duration of the job, and are ideal for larger events such as outdoor weddings or corporate events regardless of the season. 

2. Portable Refrigerated Storage Units for Food Distribution


One of the most common uses for portable refrigerated containers is in food distribution. Refrigerated containers are useful when transporting perishable consumables including fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and seafood products. Refrigerated units, or “reefers”, allow for food to stay fresh in transit from where it was grown or harvested until it reaches the consumer. 


Farmers may use these units on site to provide cold storage post harvest to maximize quality and shelf life before the products are shipped to their various locations. Portable storage units like the ones from Birkmire are available for rent, short term and long term lease, or purchase and are an ideal solution to storing surplus produce, dairy, meat, or seafood when temperature control is vital. 


3. Refrigerated and Freezer Storage Units for Restaurant and Foodservice


Birkmire’s portable refrigerated storage and freezer storage units for rent are applicable for commercial use in the foodservice industry and restaurants. These commercial units keep food fresh when extra storage is required or when on location, such as temporary concession stands, outdoor or pop-up restaurant seating, food trucks, or simply for additional storage during peak times in business (including the summer season). Use of a portable refrigerated unit helps to eliminate waste and extend the life of your inventory by providing optimal storage solutions to preserve your budget. 


Portable “reefers” can be used temporarily or long term and are a saving grace in an emergency or during a kitchen remodel when breakdowns or outages may occur, acting as backup refrigeration systems for valuable inventory when your regular refrigerator or freezer is out of commission. 

4. Temporary Cooling Storage for Bars and Wineries

Adjustable temperature is important when storing beer and wine. The optional shelving and temperature control feature of portable refrigerated storage units provide a smart solution for breweries and wineries when extra product storage is needed for high-batch productions, especially during peak business times or holidays and events when the location may not have enough storage on hand for the excess product. 


Since storage temperature can have a huge impact on the quality of these products, renting a refrigerated unit can protect the investment of the additional inventory and ensure the product won’t be wasted and the quality will remain unaffected.

5. Refrigerated Trailers for Retail Applications


Portable refrigerated storage for food preparation in the areas of foodservice, events, parties, or distribution makes sense, but there are additional retail applications where temperature control is vital. Temporary cooling storage and even permanent storage is beneficial when storing and transporting medicines and pharmaceuticals, especially for pop-up clinics, vaccination sites, or for smaller locations without enough space to keep vital medical supplies at the proper temperature.


Floral retailers with an abundance of blooms for a holiday season or event benefit from temporary cooling storage units when excess space is needed to maximize the quality and shelf life of their product. Portable refrigeration units are ideal when transporting floral arrangements to events such as weddings or graduation ceremonies and can be kept cool on-site until the time of the event, ensuring the best quality blooms for the entire event.


Lastly, portable refrigeration is ideal for storing temperature-sensitive equipment and machinery that may be susceptible to extreme environmental conditions and high temperatures. Items such as films, vehicle parts, cameras, and more that are used on specific on-site jobs such as a desert photo or movie shoot will keep their integrity when stored in a refrigerated storage unit. 


Main Benefits of Portable Refrigerated and Freezer Storage Units


There are many applications, whether for personal use such as parties and events or commercial purposes, where portable refrigerated and freezer storage is vital, the units available for rent or purchase at Birkmire offer widespread benefits including:


  • Cost effective-fairly low running costs and affordable solutions 
  • Portable-easily transported (Birkmire will deliver the unit to your location and pick up when your event is complete)
  • Reliable-temperature regulation allows for the units to be fail-safe regarding humidity, and weather conditions, while forced circulation of cool air within the container removes moisture, bad odours, and unwanted gases, helping to keep contents fresh
  • Easy to use-simply plug into a regular electrical outlet
  • Flexible and customizable– order as many units as you need per event
  • Low maintenance-easy to clean and requiring minimal maintenance
  • Weather resistant-made from heavy duty material to withstand the elements in any season
  • Secure-ability to lock for multi-day events, both indoor or outdoor


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