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Tammy Birkmire / September 19, 2023

Birkmire Trucking is a trusted source for high quality and affordable refrigerated storage unit rentals. If you have found your way to this article, there is a good chance you were searching online for refrigerated storage units near me. If that is the case, you have lucked out by finding our company.

Our family-owned operation has been in the moving and storage business since 1947 and we continue to invest in our equipment to ensure we offer state-of-the-art storage units. One example of this is our suite of rentable refrigerated storage units. As you can learn on this page, our storage units are easy to order, seamless to transport throughout the Erie, PA area, and well-designed to keep perishable goods cold.

Rent Refrigerated Storage Units

Keep Food Cold at Your Outdoor Party with a Refrigerated Storage Unit from Birkmire

Do you need to keep food and drinks cold for a big outdoor get together like a wedding, family reunion, or block party? We have you covered with our flexibly sized range of refrigerated storage units. We can deliver any of our mobile refrigerated units to you quickly if you live in the Erie, PA area. Our units will function exactly as intended and provide you with a convenient way to keep food and drinks either cold or frozen for as long as your event or alternative need lasts.

Offering Mobile Refrigerated Storage Units in Sizes Ranging From 12’ – 20’

Depending on your needs you can opt for one or more of our 12’ or 20’ refrigerated mobile storage units. Below you can learn about their power sources, but now we will focus on their capabilities. Both units can keep food and beverages ice cold, even during the hottest days of the year. Whether you are seeking to keep perishable goods cold for a brief period or need a lengthier solution for commercial storage scenarios, either of these units can prove ideal.

While our larger units are more flexible when it comes to their power source, either option is guaranteed to act as a reliable way to refrigerate or keep food and drinks frozen for as long as your needs last. With expansive internal space and two size options, your search for refrigerated storage units near me can end here at Birkmire.

Need a Generator for Your Refrigerated Storage Unit? We Can Provide One

Customers who decide to rent a 12’ mobile refrigerated unit will need to equip it to an electrical unit that can provide a 120-volt capacity. Given the circumstances of some mobile environments, a generator will be required. We have dozens of generators that can be rented along with our 12’ refrigerated storage units.

Alternatively, our 20’ units can run on either diesel or electric. Either power source will allow them to cool to temperatures as low as 0°F. Plus, these flexible units can be equipped with shelving for easier internal organization if desired.

Birkmire Provides Mobile Commercial Grade Refrigerated Storage

Whether you own a restaurant, a warehouse, or any other business that needs to keep beverages and food cold, our mobile storage units can help. Birkmire’s rentable refrigerated storage solutions are great if you are running out of internal freezer or fridge space at your business and need a viable long-term solution. They are also perfect if you are experiencing a brief need for overflow refrigerated storage.

We know how valuable your perishable products are and you can trust a mobile refrigerated storage solution from Birkmire to keep them cold.

Rent the Right Refrigerated Storage Unit from Birkmire Today

Your search for refrigerated storage units near me has led you to Birkmire Transportation and working with us will prove that you found the right storage company to work with. We will make sure your unit is delivered or ready for pickup on time and functions exactly as expected. We want to make sure everything you need for your event, or your commercial refrigerated storage is kept cool and safe from the elements. Our refrigerated storage solutions will ensure that this happens.

Rent Refrigerated Storage Units

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