Benefits of Working with a Family Owned & Locally Operated Residential Storage Facility

Tammy Birkmire / October 29, 2021

With the weather getting cooler and the holidays approaching, many people may be in the market for a residential storage unit for their seasonal and other items. However, finding the best unit for you and your needs can be a challenge.

When considering your options and making a decision, you’ll want to compare services, price, and availability when looking for a storage unit. One of the many other things to consider is whether the storage facility is family-owned and locally operated.

Conveniently located in Erie, Pa, Birkmire offers several storage options including residential, commercial, and climate-controlled units designed to meet your exact storage needs. Our team will work with you to help determine the right option and size, so you don’t have to pay for more than you need.

What to Look For in a Residential Storage Facility

There are many factors to consider when looking for a residential storage container for your belongings. One of the first things to consider is the size and type of storage unit you will need.

Start by planning ahead and making a list of all the items you plan on placing in your storage unit, such as moving boxes, furniture, vehicles, or appliances. This will help you get a good idea of the size of the unit you will need. Keep in mind too, that larger storage units naturally cost more than smaller units, so that’s why it’s a good idea to get an estimate of your storage needs so that you aren’t paying for a space you don’t need. However, it may end up being more cost-effective in the long run to get a larger unit and fill it over time as you need the additional space.

More than just space needed, another factor to consider is the design of the storage unit. Some units are quite narrow, but may offer more vertical space for stacking items such as boxes, while others are wider with a lower ceiling and may be good for items such as smaller vehicles and sports cars being stored away from winter weather.

Depending on the nature of your belongings or items you are planning to store, temperature-controlled spaces may be the right option for you. For example, if the environment is too dry, antiques and furniture could be at risk for cracking and splitting. However, if a storage environment is too humid, items may mold or mildew under such conditions. Climate-controlled units can help you keep your items nice as new and prevent them from any unforeseen damages due to weather and climate.

If convenient access is a vital factor for your storage needs, you will want to opt for a storage company that allows 24-access to your items. Our units are conveniently located and offer access to your belongings whenever you need them most.

Benefits of Working With Birkmire, a Family Owned and Locally Operated Storage Facility in Erie, Pa.

Since 1947, Birkmire has been the go-to solution for all your moving and storage needs in Erie, Pa. Our team offers our knowledge, skills, and expertise to the local community to ensure all of our customers receive superior service.

Our Big Box storage units offer even more flexibility than traditional storage solutions and are easy and convenient for your schedule. These units are delivered right to your door where customers can load and store your own items. Once your Big Box is packed, our team then picks it up and transports it to our heated warehouse where they are kept until you are ready to access your belongings once again.

Do you prefer keeping your items closer to home or business without the worry of having to go off-site to retrieve items? At Birkmire, we also offer personal warehouses as an alternative to traditional and residential storage units. Many customers prefer these options to house some of their favorite items such as antiques or collectibles, while others use them as an option for expanded business storage solutions. Birkmire will deliver your unit to access and then return it as many times as needed.

For additional flexibility for your storage needs, Birkmire offers refrigerated units for multiple commercial or private applications. We can help no matter if you need a refrigerated unit for an event or additional space for your business needs.

Your Local Experts

As a locally owned storage facility, Birkmire has the experience and enthusiasm necessary to deliver the most affordable and efficient solution for your storage needs. Whether you prefer to store your valuables in our heated warehouse or in an on-location unit, Birkmire has a storage solution in Erie, Pa for you. Call our team today to get a quote for all your storage and moving needs.

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